Here, there and everywhere.

We all have off days. Where you feel utterly pants and find yourself sobbing at adverts (the donkey narrating his hard life tips me over the edge), and daydreaming about diving into a bounty bar as big as a lilo.

For me – today is that day. I woke up feeling blue. Partly hormonal; partly down to life stuff.

I once read (and I wish I could remember where) that the solution is to look up. Often when you do, you glimpse something lovely that you’d have missed from your normal perspective. I’ve followed that advice so many times and seen gorgeous architecture above ropey shop fronts, pretty skies and fluttering flags. As time has gone on, I’ve tried to expand on it and look around for love.

Just this morning – my espresso loving husband has taken time to warm and froth milk for a cappuccino and made me a poached egg on toast.

image image

I’ve been re-reading a letter from one of my dearest friends from her holiday in Italy. Time taken to share her life and amuse me, with the added bonus that such lovely post is a break from the monotony of bills.


Out in my garden is a bench – paid for with money from a much loved Aunt and Uncle. Two beautiful planters from my family flank it, and you can just see the rose my dear friend Peggy gave me for my 40th Birthday.


All these things have love and kindness running through them. A reminder that even on the days you struggle to like anything other than cakes and crying – you are loved. Look around, and see…


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