My Sole Source of Luck

Weddings are quite the juggling act. When I planned mine, I felt as if I had a second job and every spare second counted.

Why then, did I find myself sending a detailed ‘All Staff’ email to my colleagues, begging them not to place my wedding shoe delivery on either a table, or desk? My Mum’s superstitions, that’s why. I slavishly follow them whilst also knowing they are absolute hokum *touches wood*

My Mum puts a new coin in purses, won’t give knives/scissors as presents (something about cutting friendship), has an issue with gloves as a gift (I think you have to nominally pay her with a coin, or is that the knife thing again?) and thinks green at weddings is unlucky. I’ve pointed out it is quite a big ask to not bring green to a wedding when it’s your surname, but she looks at you like you’re the one with strange ideas.

My Mum even believes the birthmark on my cheek is because someone touched her bump when she had a craving. As it looks a bit like a squashed marshmallow, she may have a point.

If I pop over to see my Auntie (her sister), I must leave by the door I came in. She too has an issue with washing clothes on certain days (is it New Year’s Day, or Good Friday?) and fears the gift options listed above.

As I write I have just texted my Mum to ask her if ‘new wedge espadrilles on the table for less than five seconds’, have the same unluckiness level as the generic ‘no new shoes on the table’ in her league of unluckiness. Weirdly I really want to know, not least because it is pointless buying a Euromillions ticket if I’m still tainted by popping my size fives on the kitchen table.

Deep down I know Stevie Wonder is right and ‘Superstition ain’t the way’ but I continue to follow these little rituals, mainly to retain a link to the past. My Nan (my Mum and Aunt’s Mum) died when I was one and I don’t remember her. It seems Flo was a fount of superstitions, and my Mum has passed them on to me from when I was very little. It makes her happy to share the superstitions, and I love to make her happy by following them too. Living away from my family and still doing the same things my Mum does, is a connection to my home and to my heritage – and if nothing else ensures I don’t destroy light fittings by putting up an umbrella indoors.

Fingers crossed.


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