Jez and Roo

I worked with a number of co-hosts during my twelve years of Breakfast shows, and they were a mix of great men and er…grating men.

My longest radio partnership was with Jez Clark. Seriously, do click through to his website – he based ALL of the poses on some he’d seen on Eammon Holmes’ site. True story. Jez and I worked as a team in Wiltshire for about 5 years, and it was a really happy time.

People have asked me the following questions repeatedly, so to save you emailing and asking again, I’ve put them down here:-

1. Do you really like Jez, or was it all for show?
A: I really LOVE that man. Total dude. Even with the train/bus/boat/’plane spotting.

2. Are you still friends?
A: Yes, Jez now works for The Breeze in Southampton, so when I get my roots done (yes, I travel to the south coast for this…come on, everyone knows that) I catch up with him if he’s free. He still makes me laugh until I can’t breathe.

3. Are you going to have a child together?

A: No

That last answer was solely for the woman who yelled across Swindon town centre to Jez that he should ‘give her a baby’ …whilst pointing at me.

Yes, some people thought we were actually married in a Richard and Judy stylie. Jez’s irritation at this was hilarious, and at levels not seen since we were forced to lip-synch to ‘Summer Holiday’ in front of pedestrians. In mullet wigs. Repeatedly.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me here.