As soon I graduated from university, I started writing for local newspapers. I’ve worked on a number of publications writing columns, reviews, and features in tandem with my radio career.

When commercial radio stations first put their product on the internet, I volunteered to write for the websites. I understood how important it was for the ‘sound’ of the shows I worked on to be reflected in the copy on the site. Anyone can write ‘stuff’ about the programmes, but to take ownership of the written side meant that the show’s brand values and house style had a seamless transition between wireless and web.

I then developed that further by being an early adopter of social media for the Breakfast shows I worked on. Once again by keeping the posts ‘in-house’ we could have some control over the tone of the content, and make sure it was truly ‘us’.

Recently I started writing for Sarah Millican’s magazine, Standard Issue. Sarah is very well known for her comedy but she also decided to set up a new kind of publication for women, you can read my pieces here.

In addition I do some freelance copywriting (contact me if you want me to work for you) and am also working on a novel.