I’ve got 99 problems but the kitsch ain’t one…

Hello there. It’s always tricky kicking off a blog – how on earth do you introduce your ramblings to your Mum, and possibly a few people who were looking for Roo from Winnie the Pooh?

So I thought I’d start by introducing you to the man who shares my home office. One William Shakespeare, or Billy Shakes as I now call him, as we’ve been together for decades.

Billy lived on my shelves in my box-room bedroom at home, when I was a child. A gift from a neighbour, who knew I was book mad. Despite being one of the ugliest pieces of pottery known to man, I’ve grown accustomed to his navy and white glazed face.

I was told by an antiques expert that his chips and cracks make him virtually worthless, but that’s just money. The fact he is a part of my book-loving history makes him family – and who else is going to give that ugly mug a home?


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