Prince and the Resolution (or How Rick Astley Shaped My Wardrobe)

December 30th 2017 – My Name is Prince exhibition, O2 London
‘Yeah I’ve dressed for comfort’

December 31st 2018 – BBC Offices, Swindon

‘Yeah, if I seem a bit over-dressed it’s because I’m going to a New Year’s Eve party later’

For the twelve months of 2018 I did something I hadn’t done for about two decades: I didn’t wear jeans to work. For the whole working year.

There are people reading this who’ve never seen me without blue legs and had probably laboured under the illusion I’m half Smurf, because like the love child of Status Quo and B*Witched I’ve worn denim with an unwavering commitment. Continue reading

19/09/2016: Saw Bridget Jones – v v good.

Dear Diary

I suppose you want me to say something fresh and exciting about Bridget; a hot take on singletons, fuckwits, smug marrieds, novelty jumpers, turkey curry buffets, or at the very least big pants.

Come the fuck on, Roo – anything?


2016 has taken away a lot of loved figures, and it is finally giving me someone back. This is about the simple joy of seeing an old friend after a long time. I sat for the first few minutes of the film with tears in my eyes at hearing that familiar voice and reconnecting with that world. Continue reading

When Doves Cry…

Clifford: The fact is, Mrs O, my life seems completely grey, bleak and pointless
Mrs Overall: Yes well, sometimes that’s God’s way of making you enjoy ‘Gardener’s World’

Victoria Wood

On a couple of consecutive days last month I lost two major influences in my life. I never knew either of them and yet that didn’t lessen the impact of their passing.

The death of the famous is a weird one. For every person who understands your sadness, there’s another who thinks you should just man up because they were strangers. If you’re in the latter camp, you should move along now and look at some cat GIFs. Continue reading

Five Point Turn

I can’t remember the last time a day passed and there wasn’t a story about the new series of Top Gear. It’s like trying to recall the last time DFS wasn’t having a sale – you know it must have happened but the details are hazy – you think you may have been playing Daley Thompson’s Decathlon on the ZX Spectrum whilst wearing snow wash jeans. Continue reading

Write, right now.

Apologies to anyone who tried to get a coherent conversation out of me during November – it was such a busy month, I’ve practically crawled into December. In my mental fog, I forgot to buy an Advent calendar, which in hindsight is a good thing, as I’ve not got the strength to open the doors without the help of two burly men.

I spent the thirty days writing fifty thousand words for National Novel Writing Month, known affectionately as NaNoWriMo. Continue reading